[Avodah] titanu (You let us wander)

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Mon Nov 29 18:38:25 PST 2021

 RJoel Rich commented, "I always wondered what titanu (you let us wander)
was doing at the end of the al cheits."

RZev Sero responded, "Isn't it  usually translated as 'We have led others

"You let us wander," a translation I have seen only in ArtScroll
publications, is from the Chayei Adam at the end of Klal 143, where he
explains titanu as "shehinachta osanu al b'chiraseinu lihyos to'im."  All
others translate it as cited by RZS.

Aside from the difficulty of "You let us wander" not being confession to an
aveira, it would seem that the CA's interpretation is open to question on
grammatical grounds.  The root for "wander" is tav-ayin-hei, while "leading
astray" has the root tav-ayin-tav-ayin, as in Yaakov's argument to Rivka in
B'reishis 27:12; and it is the latter root which appears in the Viduy. (I
claim no expertise in dikduk, and have no idea of how to express "You let
us wander" in a single word, but it would seem that there is no place in
such a word for the second ayin.)

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