[Avodah] What is the preferable time to say selichos?

cantorwolberg cantorwolberg at cox.net
Tue Aug 24 12:55:27 PDT 2021

When it comes to aveilus, Sepharadim only observe Shavua shechal bo and
their three week observance is only about not making weddings. While
Ashk have real aveilus customs the whole period.
Meanwhile when it comes to selichos, Sepharadim say them the whole month,
and it's Ashkenazim who only start at shavua shechal bo.

Anyone want to venture a theory as to what this says about Ashk vs Seph
hashkafic differences?

On the surface it would appear that when it comes to aveilus, Ashkenazim are machmir and conversely, when it comes to selichos, Sephardim are machmir.

But as to why, I would venture to guess that as a group Sephardim are more in THIS world, whereas Ashkenazim are more into Olam haba.  
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