[Avodah] What is the preferable time to say selichos?

Eli Turkel eliturkel at mail.gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 05:02:34 PDT 2021

> As I have said more than once, "Only maskilim speak and pronounce
> Hebrew properly!" >:-}

you obviously don't know many sefardom and temanim.

> When it comes to aveilus, Sepharadim only observe Shavua shechal bo and
> their three week observance is only about not making weddings. While
> Ashk have real aveilus customs the whole period.
> Meanwhile when it comes to selichos, Sepharadim say them the whole month,
> and it's Ashkenazim who only start at shavua shechal bo.
> Anyone want to venture a theory as to what this says about Ashk vs Seph
> hashkafic differences?

Ashkenazim have many chumrot in the 3 weels chiefly as a reaction to
various tragedies
including the crusades that occurred during this time period. Sefardim had
fewer progroms.

Yes if one could choose between becoming a sephardic or ashkenazi he would
have to weigh
more slichot vs harder 3 weeks and kitniyot -)
sefardim are more machmir on glatt and mixtures in wine but for most
kashrut problems the Rama is machmir

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