[Avodah] Even More on Secular Studies and Yeshiva Eduacation

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Tue Jul 13 09:09:46 PDT 2021

On 12/7/21 10:54 am, Prof. L. Levine via Avodah wrote:
> I will tell you a piece of history that no one will tell you today . We 
> all know the story of the CHOPFETZ CHAIM going to the Polish prime 
> minister to nullify the decree that all children must have 4 years of 
> secular education. What no one will tell you that a few years later they 
> set up a network of CHADORIM called YAVNEH with full secular program and 
> RAV ELCHONON WASSERMAN went around collecting money for it . They asked 
> Rav Elchonon isn't the CHOFFETZ CHAIM against secular learning in 
> Yeshivos to which he replied that they saw that the average BAL HABOS 
> did not want to send his son to a place without secular education so 
> they were sending to not frum CHADORIM, so we had to change and make a 
> good program of secular education.

In other words this was a bediavad solution, an eis laasos, because 
parents were refusing to send their sons to a proper cheder.  If not for 
that they would never have done it.  And where there are parents willing 
to send their sons to a proper cheder, the lesson from this story is 
that there should be one for them to send to.

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