[Avodah] Even More on Secular Studies and Yeshiva Eduacation

Prof. L. Levine llevine at stevens.edu
Mon Jul 12 07:54:36 PDT 2021

Someone sent me the following:

I will tell you a piece of history that no one will tell you today . We all know the story of the CHOPFETZ CHAIM going to the Polish prime minister to nullify the decree that all children must have 4 years of secular education. What no one will tell you that a few years later they set up a network of CHADORIM called YAVNEH with full secular program and RAV ELCHONON WASSERMAN went around collecting money for it . They asked Rav Elchonon isn't the CHOFFETZ CHAIM against secular learning in Yeshivos to which he replied that they saw that the average BAL HABOS did not want to send his son to a place without secular education so they were sending to not frum CHADORIM, so we had to change and make a good program of secular education.

Also, when the GERER Chassidim started their Cheder in Israel 1930's they had Limudei Chol.

Let me add that in my opinion it is most unfortunate that many Chareidim and Chassidim are willing to send their sons to yeshivas that give no meaningful secular education.  Those who attend such yeshivas in general have little chance of getting the skills required to get jobs that will properly support their families.


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