[Avodah] May I purchase chametz after Pesach from any non-Jewish owned store?

Zev Sero zev at sero.name
Mon Apr 5 16:49:09 PDT 2021

> Therefore, when determining where to shop after Pesach, it is not 
> sufficient to establish that the owners of a store are not Jewish; one 
> must also investigate who supplies /chametz/ to the store as well.

Why must one do so?  Where does such an obligation come from?  Having 
determined that the seller is not Jewish, what is the basis for 
requiring one to ask any further questions?   Im kein ein ladavar sof.

> If the supplier is Jewish and did not sell his /chametz/, one must
> wait until the /chametz/ clears out of inventory.
Or one should buy as soon after Pesach as possible, on the assumption 
that a good deal of the stock would already have been in the retailer's 
hands before Pesach, whereas if one waits one can make things worse.

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