[Avodah] May I purchase chametz after Pesach from any non-Jewish owned store?

Prof. L. Levine llevine at stevens.edu
Mon Apr 5 06:12:34 PDT 2021

>From today's OU Kosher Halacha Yomis

Q. Chametz owned by a Jew during Pesach is forbidden after Pesach. This is known as chametz she’ovar olav haPesach. May I purchase chametz after Pesach from any non-Jewish owned store?

A. A non-Jew is permitted to own chametz on Pesach, and he may sell it after Pesach to a Jew. However, if a non-Jew purchases chametz that was owned by a Jew during any part of Pesach, that chametz is chametz she’ovar olav haPesach and is forbidden. Similarly, if a Jewish owned distributor supplies chametz to a non-Jewish owned supermarket, that chametz in the supermarket is forbidden as well. Therefore, when determining where to shop after Pesach, it is not sufficient to establish that the owners of a store are not Jewish; one must also investigate who supplies chametz to the store as well. If the supplier is Jewish and did not sell his chametz, one must wait until the chametz clears out of inventory. This can take a few weeks for cereals, crackers and other such items that have a long shelf life. Items such as bread that have a short shelf life may be bought after a few days. Cereals or other foods that do not contain any of the five grains (wheat, barley, oats, spelt, rye) may be purchased immediately after Pesach. Vinegar can be assumed to be kitniyos and is not a concern after Pesach.

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