[Avodah] Change of Shluchei Tzibur during Pezukai D'Zimrah

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Sat Aug 1 20:29:43 PDT 2020

On Tue, Jul 21, 2020 at 03:41:45PM +0300, Danny Schoemann via Avodah wrote:
>> This reminds me of a question which would apply to almost every day when
>> we change the Sha'tz before Yishtabach. Isn't Pezukai d'zimrah framed
>> by Boruch She'amar as the beginning bracha and the end of Yishtabach as
>> the closing bracha, and if correct (and I may not be), should not the
>> same Sha'tz conclude what he started?

> I always understood the Shat"z to more of a "concept" than a person.

I called it an office, not the occupent.

But I didn't just reply to suggest a different phrasing of the same
idea. I have a theory why:

I think it's inherent in the idea that the sha"tz is a
*shaliach*. Personal identity is the opposite of the point of the post!


Shavua Tov,

Understanding both RDS's suggestion of the Shat"z as a concept and RMB's
approach of office or shaliach, why then on days when a different person
takes over at Hallel  for Hallel and perhaps continuing through Hotza'ah,
do we require the original shaliach or officeholder to come back and say
Kaddish Shalem?  If it is an office, then along that reasoning shouldn't
the Shaliach in the office having led Hallel then be good to continue for
Kaddish Shalem?

Thank you and Kol Tuv,

Henry Topas
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