[Avodah] Change of Shluchei Tzibur during Pezukai D'Zimrah

Danny Schoemann doniels at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 02:36:36 PDT 2020

R' Henry Topas wrote:
> Understanding both RDS's suggestion of the Shat"z as a concept and RMB's approach
>  of office or shaliach, why then on days when a different person takes over at Hallel  for
> Hallel and perhaps continuing through Hotza'ah, do we require the original shaliach or
> officeholder to come back and say Kaddish Shalem?  If it is an office, then along that
> reasoning shouldn't the Shaliach in the office having led Hallel then be good to continue
> for Kaddish Shalem?

What you describe is nothing I've found in the written Poskim.

Where I grew up (various Yekkishe Kehiloth) the Ovel was "off the
hook" when Hallel was recited.

I see this being done in Yeshivishe minyonim, seemingly to "prevent"
the Ovel from being Shatz for Hallel. (Also not recorded, AFAIK,
except during Shiva.)

So, my guess is, that since the Ovel wants to say as many Kadieshim as
possible he "gets back the Omud" after Hallel - giving him one more

This has no bearing on our discussion, it's a question (and answer) on
a recent "Minhag/Hanhogo".

Kol Tuv

- Danny

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