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Danny Schoemann doniels at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 05:34:42 PDT 2020

RMB commented on my thought:

> In general, the Rambam doesn't have women making berakhos on mitzvos
> that they are einum metzuvos ve'osos. Which Sepharadim hold today. To
> the extent that ROYosef's nusach doesn't have women saying sheim Hashem
> in birkhos Qeri'as Shema!

That's THIS VERY Rambam.

> So, I'm not sure why the HM needs to invoke the risk of an aveirah. Lo
> zakhisi lehavin.
> And more to our point, the lack of berakhah doesn't seem to me to prove
> the mitzvah itself should be avoided because it means some risk exists.

My mistake for getting you mixed up. The HM isn't commenting on
Tzitzis - that part is my "chiddush"... that there's a "good reason"
why women didn't wear Tzitzis over the generations.

The HM was commenting IIUC why the Rambam talks about women wearing
Tzitzis but not Tefillin.

I can't find the HM on Sefria, or I'd link to it.

Kol Tuv

- Danny

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