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On Wed, Apr 01, 2020 at 9:46pm +0300, R Simon Montagu wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 1, 2020 at 11:27 AM Rich, Joel ... wrote:
> > An oleh one Thursday (hopefully we will be back in shul soon) morning
> > insisted on reading his own aliyah. I was surprised that the gabbai/Rabbi
> > did not waive him off (given the reason individual olim stopped reading was
> > so as not to embarrass others). Is this at all common?

> Not particularly unusual in my experience of Sephardi batei kenesset.
> Embarrassment can arise if everybody does it and an individual is unable
> to, not so much if reading oneself is the exception.

The qorei is obligated to read it two or three times before going up to
lein. (OC 139:1) So, if the oleh was not forewarned of his aliyah and
prepared, his reading would not only be kosher bedi'eved.

AhS OC 139:1-2 cites a number of midrashim; the first of which is first
in the SA & Tur. R Aqiva refused to lein on these ground. (Medrash Ki
Sisa, mentioned there.) Rabannan even say that HQBH keveyakhol, said
each dibur to Himself twice before repeating it to Moshe!

And yet it is indeed common among Sepharadim, despite the SA. I don't
know, maybe people know they're getting an aliyah early enough to read
it through twice. Or maybe the norm was based on doing so, and kept on
even after people didn't know.

But in addition, in terms of minhag Ashkenazim are maqpidim for the
reason RJR gives. We are making a point of not showing up those who
can't lein themselves, so this is BALM (doing the original taqanah,
without the addition of a shaliach) at the expense of BALC.

RHS even expressed reluctance at giving the regular ba'al qeri'ah an
aliyah for he himself to lein. (Not an actual issur; a bar mitzvah boy may
both lein and get maftir. That's why I used the wishy-washy "reluctance".)

Tir'u baTov!

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