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R' JR:

An oleh one Thursday (hopefully we will be back in shul soon) morning
insisted on reading his own aliyah. I was surprised that the gabbai/Rabbi
did not waive him off (given the reason individual olim stopped reading was
so as not to embarrass others). Is this at all common?



I thought it was so as not to embarrass someone who is called up and does
not know how to read himself. If there's no expectation that a person who is
called up will read, then the fact that an outlier decided to read himself
doesn't embarrass the person who is called up before or after him and does
not know how to read.


But to your question, no, it is not common in my experience. I do see it a
lot on Simchas Torah, though. 


Also, I was once in a shul as a guest and got maftir - I wanted to read the
Haftorah, but they didn't let. The Baal Korei told me it was a lo plug - I'm
guessing they had people in the past who said they knew how to lein the
Haftorah, but did not. 




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