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Akiva Miller akivagmiller at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 21:42:26 PST 2019

On the Mesorah list, we are having a discussion about the word "na"
(nun-aleph), which often seems to mean "now" or "please". It was also
compared to some other synonyms. I interjected that "na" also appears in
Shemos 12:9 with an entirely different meaning, "undercooked".

R' Zev Sero showed how this meaning is *not* so different after all:
> Al tochlu mimenu na means "as it is now", uncooked.
> Think "bistro", or "fast food". The fastest food is raw.

It is a common error to think that "na" means "raw" here.

Rashi on the pasuk defines "na" as "She'eino tzalui kol tzorko - It's not
roasted all it needs" Rashi requires the Korban Pesach to be fully roasted,
and it seems that even Maachal Ben Drusa'i would count as "na".

Similarly, Torah Temimah there (#73 and #81) says that one who eats a
Korban Pesach raw ("chai" is his word) has *not* violated this pasuk. (But
he did fail to eat it roasted as required.)

Akiva Miller
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