[Avodah] Paying your workers on time using electronic payments

Micha Berger micha at aishdas.org
Mon Jun 24 14:42:16 PDT 2019

I took part of the conversation off list because I feared we were just
dealing with miscommunication. But in that exchange, I found a real
difference in understanding between RMBluke and me. Curious to know
whether the rest of the chevrah can help clear this up.

The other RMB understands the asei as being paying your worker the same
day. "Beyomo titein sekharo".

I am not sure "yomo" hear means day.

First, it means up to a half-day. If the worker stops before sheqi'ah,
you have until sheqi'ah. If he stops at sheqi'ah or during the night,
you have the whole night. But the night isn't a "yom" in neither the 12
nor 24 hour sense. It is, in the general "in its time" sense of the word.

Second, Both the SA and the AhS start CM 339 talking about the asei
and lavin of paying bizmano. First I thought-- this isn't the Rambam,
where diyuq in lashon is necessarily valid. BUT, after I sent the last
private email, I bothered to open Hil' Seckhirus 11:1, which does begin
"mitzvas asei litein sekhar hasakhir bizmano, shene'emar 'beyomo...'"

(I mention the AhS's language because my attitude toward the subject is
strongly shaped by having learned it in AhS Yomi a few months ago. So,
his wording is my first impression.)

The difference between RMB and my positions would be whether it's possible
to avoid the lavin and yet not fulfill the asei.

RMBluke is saying yes -- if you pay him when expected, but the expectation
isn't same-day. And thus he asks about a credit card payment that doesn't
clear immediately. ("T+0" -- time + 0 days -- is how we say it in the
trading industry.)

I worked with the idea that beyomo is just an idiom for bizmano, and so
the asei and the lav are both about paying him when you agreed. So, if
he offers a credit card option and you use it, you would fulfil the asei.

Tir'u baTov!

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