[Avodah] 10 Dibrot

Zev Sero zev at sero.name
Tue Feb 12 22:41:01 PST 2019

On 11/2/19 3:54 pm, Mandel, Seth via Avodah wrote:
> What you say is not correct. Most Ashkenzim just follow what is in print,
> no matter how you prove that it was a mistake on the printer's part.
> You can be m'lammed zechus, but that is not the same as justifying it.

But the poskim who give the reason are not being melamed zechus, they 
are seriously explaining the reason for the minhag.  They don't think 
it's a mistake, they assume that the minhag is correct.  And this is not 
some modern phenomenon.

How do we know it was a mistake and not a deliberate decision?  How do 
we know it wasn't he Temanim who made a mistake by reasoning that there 
ought to be 10, not 9?  Isn't there a rule in girsa'os that it's the 
less obvious version that's more likely to be correct?

When were the two taamim first printed separately anyway?  If it was 
after Mas'eis Binyamin then we know that couldn't be the source for the 

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