[Avodah] Assur To Live in Israel (was anti-Semitism)

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On 06/07/18 09:37, Micha Berger via Avodah wrote:
> 2- A more lomdisher answer would be that I don't think the Satmar Rav
> holds that qibbush Yehoshua was qidshah lesha'ara veqidshah le'asid
> lavo. (Side question: Does anyone hold that the current qedushah is
> miymos Yehushua bin Nun?) So, for those who just returned here was no
> qedushas ha'aretz for them to violate.

I don't think that works. The land's delicate stomach goes back to 
Kenaani days, even before Yehoshua, so it can't be the result of 
"kedusha rishona" or "kedusha shniya".  Before, after, and in between 
it's still EY.

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PS to previous message:

Also "Erets asher H' Elokecha doresh osah" was said in the present 
tense, before Yehoshua.

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On 05/07/18 18:06, allan.engel--- via Areivim wrote:
> The people who returned from Bavel in the era of Ezra and Nechemiah had 
> never even heard of Rosh Hashanah.

Source?  That's surely not how the gemara understands it, IIRC.

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