[Avodah] Assur To Live in Israel (was anti-Semitism)

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On Thu, Jul 05, 2018 at 11:06:49PM +0100, allan.engel at gmail.com replied to
me on Areivim.

I wrote:
> The Satmar Rav did say that the influex of chilonim to Israel was mechalel
> the aretz, and indeed one needs to be on a certain spiritual level, not just
> stam a shomer Shabbos, to do live there while maintaining its qedushah.

To which he asked:
: The people who returned from Bavel in the era of Ezra and Nechemiah had
: never even heard of Rosh Hashanah. What was their spiritual level like?

And many / most were intermarried.

I don't own a VaYoel Moshe, and I do not remember his answer. So I
will propose 2 of my own:

1- That doesn't mean that they were doing the right thing.
Perhaps this was part of the magnitude of the sin that Ezra and then
Nechemiah cleaned up.

2- A more lomdisher answer would be that I don't think the Satmar Rav
holds that qibbush Yehoshua was qidshah lesha'ara veqidshah le'asid
lavo. (Side question: Does anyone hold that the current qedushah is
miymos Yehushua bin Nun?) So, for those who just returned here was no
qedushas ha'aretz for them to violate. Once Ezra and Nechemiah brought
them to the point of living lives of qedusha on EY, and they established
bayis sheini, etc... then there was qedushah sheniyah qlvql"l.

But now we have the qedushah established in their day after their teshuvah
and binyan bayis sheini. Which according to the Satmar Rav one would be
desecrating by living in EY while being among the holier Jews.


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