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On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 03:43:38PM -0400, David Riceman via Avodah wrote:
: RMB:
: > The claim of this version of DT is that just as today's rabbanim took
: > over WRT pesaq, they also inherited the role of filling in for melekh.
: The melech’s commands are binding, and he has an obligation to give
: commands as needed.  Hence this opinion implies that Rabbis should be telling us
: what to do in non-halachic contexts, and we should do as they say.

Not "implies", we are talking about R Dovid [haLevi] Cohen's explanation
of Da'as Torah -- it's the thesis he is trying to justify!

However, unlike some other versions of DT, it only speaks of rabbis as
communal leadership. Not as advisors on personal matters (whose open
questions are not halachic in nature).

It has this in common with [pre-Mizrachi] RYBS's version of DT, "hatzitz

: I already raised the objection of R Akiva's advice to his son...

There is also the historical precedent of the leadership of the Vaad
Dalet Aratzos. There is no record of rabbinic leadership on civil
issues. They dealt with halachic matters, eg shochetim, batei din,
a law to require haskamos on all published sefarim...


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