[Avodah] Davening on Airplanes

Akiva Miller akivagmiller at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 03:33:20 PST 2017


R' Michael Mirsky asked:

> In all the discussions of this topic that I have seen, I
> haven't seen anyone address the issue of someone who is in
> his year of aveilut and needs a minyan to say kaddish. Do the
> objections to the possible disturbance a minyan might cause
> override this need?

RMM seems to be suggesting that this individual's need to say kaddish
is greater than the usual need to daven Tefila B'Tzibur. I have heard
other people express this feeling, but I've never seen any evidence
for it in seforim or elsewhere.

I'll express it another way: I am well aware that there are many many
people who are somewhat lax in their minyan attendance in general, but
for yahrzeit or aveilus they are much more meticulous. This is not a
bad thing; whatever will help get people into shul is good. But I do
think that their values might be misplaced.

Akiva Miller

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