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Tue Dec 5 10:39:48 PST 2017

On Tue, Dec 05, 2017 at 06:13:31AM +0000, Rich, Joel wrote:
:> Especially since it's the avoidance of an actual issur vs a medieval or
:> post-medieval 

: All very true, yet the Hamon am has invested Kaddish with great
: importance. Does that investiture have a halachic chalot? It seems it
: does at least in terms of kavod

Reading the kesuvah under the chuppah is just a stall while we wait
some gap of time to separate qiddushin and nissuin. A maaseh kof. And
yet because it is time in the spot-light, common practice is to treat
it as the second greatest kibud, often what you give the other rav you
might have made mesader qiddushin.

When it comes to kibud, public treatment does indeed matter. And logically
enough; after all, being mekhubad is an issue of seeing others display
feelings of kavod. How we display it /should/ be secondary. All logical.

However, here we are talking about someone in the olam ha'emes. So they
know that while on the plane you have that actual issur keeping you from
fulfilling the minhag of saying qaddish. For that matter, hopefully and
typically said parent worked really hard at trying to get the avel to
respect others. And if not, again, at this point the soul of even the
worst parent would know better.

So I do not think it's likely the neshamah would mind the lack of kibud
as much as they would mind the misplacement of values. I would therefore
not draw any conclusions from the logical linkage of kibud with intent
and norms.

Tir'u baTov!

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