[Avodah] Chitzonios and Tereifos

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Sun Sep 13 08:52:48 PDT 2015

In Avodah V33n123, RAkivaM responded to me:
>> I am noting the dissimilarity to help you understand that without
Superman's vision or an external tool to open a path to it, the inside of a
lung is not the same as a visible bug that is only visible under
this-worldly lighting conditions. <<
> The lungs of a *dead* cow are easily accessible if one has a knife; no
super-vision is needed there. It is only the lungs of a *living* cow where
one would need super-vision (especially if I need the cow to stay alive for
more milk next week). <
A knife is an external tool.  The inside of a lung cannot be seen by the
human eye without opening it.
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