[Avodah] Chitzonios and Tereifos

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Fri Sep 11 05:49:14 PDT 2015

R' Micha Berger wrote:

<<< The bug in a dark room is something we are in principle capable of
seeing, the invisibility isn't a feature of the bug. Similarly, the problem
inside the lung is one an eye is capable of seeing, the invisibility isn't
an aspect of the deformity itself. In both cases, the cheftzah itself is
within the realm of human experience, at least in the right situation. >>>

R' Michael Poppers responded:

<<< I am noting the dissimilarity to help you understand that without
Superman's vision or an external tool to open a path to it, the inside of a
lung is not the same as a visible bug that is only visible under
this-worldly lighting conditions. >>>

The lungs of a *dead* cow are easily accessible if one has a knife; no
super-vision is needed there. It is only the lungs of a *living* cow where
one would need super-vision (especially if I need the cow to stay alive for
more milk next week).

Hmmm... Do we consider the lungs of a living cow as visible like a large
insect, or as nonexistent like beitzei kinim? The nafka mina is the kashrus
of that cow's milk. I would *like* to say that the lungs are invisible and
inconsequential. But IIRC we can drink the milk because of rov - most lungs
are kosher. There is a real possibility that the lungs are treif, and we
deal with that possibility in a manner *other* than "lo nitna Torah
l'malachei hashareis".

Akiva Miller
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