[Avodah] Chitzonios and Tereifos

Akiva Miller via Avodah avodah at lists.aishdas.org
Sun Sep 6 07:31:21 PDT 2015

Let's go back to one of the sources: Yoma 72b - "Any talmid chacham whose
tocho (inside) is not like his baro (outside) is not a talmid chacham."

Is this speaking only of one who appears fine externally, but is deficient
internally? Or does it also apply to one who is fine internally, but
doesn't look it to an outside observer?

If it applies to both, does anyone compare the two? I have always presumed
that the one who is not-so-good on the inside is a bigger problem than the
one who is okay on the inside. But if I understood them correctly, RMB and
RMP brought independent reasons why one should focus on the externals.

Akiva Miller
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