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: S"A O"C 55:11 as recorded in the 1st volume of the mishna brurah (it's
: not in my regular S"A) has a footnote delineated with *) . The text of
: the S"A deals with the stauts of an avaryan who was not in nidui counting
: for a minyan. The footnote says nidui doesn't apply "now" because dina
: dmalchuta has done away with nidui. Anyone know who added this footnote?

Was excommunication banned under the Ottomans in 1563, when the SA was
written, or in Venice 1565 when it was first published?

Whether or not the Jewish community put people in nidui despite such a law
and this was all for the censor (as Zev presumes) or it actually wasn't
practiced, clearly in some community such a law must have existed.

However, the MBs Poland wasn't it. Until it got closer to WWII, Jews
had a lot of autonomy in Poland.

Tir'u baTov!

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