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On 09/04/2015 04:07 PM, Rich, Joel via Avodah wrote:
> S”A O”C  55:11 as recorded in the 1^st volume of the mishna brurah (it’s not in my regular S”A) has a footnote delineated with *)  . The text of the S”A deals with the stauts of an avaryan who was not in nidui counting for a minyan. The footnote says nidui  doesn’t apply “now” because dina dmalchuta has done away with nidui.   Anyone know who added this footnote?

The note appears in the first edition, so presumably it was put there
by the original publisher, in order to get it past the censor.  Or
perhaps it was inserted at the censor's insistence.  In any case it
houldn't need saying that it was not intended to be taken seriously
by the intended audience.

(BTW, the censor's approval is dated 23-Dec-1882, the Hebrew date on
the front page is 5683, but the secular date on the front page is 1884.
Presumably that's how long publishing took.)

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