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>> If the lung is tzemuqah (dried  enough to be wrinkly like a raisin, but
not dry enough to be called  yeveishah)... There is a halakhah leMoshe
miSinai that
if it was due to  fright caused by a person, the animel is tereifah
if it's caused by HQBH (eg  a lion attack), the animal is kosher.
(AhS YD  36:70)

....Interesting is a comment at the end of se'if 70:
Therefore it is correct that shoechtim be careful not to shecht
one ba'al chai in front of another ba'al chai
so that  the lungs not get wrinkly and will require checking, ae
will be  explained. <<

Micha  Berger   

I remember reading that Temple Grandin had designed a spiral ramp with  
high walls for cattle to walk along before reaching the slaughtering  spot.  
The design was such that the animal could not see out the sides or  very far 
ahead as it walked, and would thus not witness other animals being  
slaughtered.  This was meant to keep the animal calm and not frightened. I  did not 
find the article with a quick google search but I am sure it's available  
Temple Grandin is a famous expert in humane methods of animal  slaughter.

--Toby  Katz
t613k at aol.com


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