[Avodah] Factory Farming and Panicking the Animals

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If the lung is tzemuqah (dried enough to be wrinkly like a raisin, but
not dry enough to be called yeveishah)... There is a halakhah leMoshe
miSinai that
if it was due to fright caused by a person, the animel is tereifah
if it's caused by HQBH (eg a lion attack), the animal is kosher.
(AhS YD 36:70)

If you do not know what the cause was, you check the lung -- man-made
rei'ah tzemuqah won't rehydrate when soaked in water for 24 hours.

But, this test is only used if the cause of the fright wasn't known
(se'if 74); the cause of the stress is the iqar, not the dryness.

Interesting is a comment at the end of se'if 70:
    Therefore it is correct that shoechtim be careful not to shecht
    one ba'al chai in front of another ba'al chai
    so that the lungs not get wrinkly and will require checking, ae
    will be explained.

    Also, there is tza'r ba'alei chaim in it
    ve'issur gamur hu
    and so wrote a number of gedolei ha'achronim.

So I'm wondering, is our factory-style slaughter mutar?

Can you say that this speed is a tachlis that makes the tza'ar needful,
and thus mutar? Do people disagree with the AhS and his unnamed acharonim?

Tir'u baTov!

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