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Tue Aug 25 18:27:59 PDT 2015

The assumption is that it is better to be a non-religious Jew (thereby
violating numerous halakhos)  than a moral non-Jew.

(I am being over simplistic as being non-Jewish citizen in Israel is more
of a liability than elsewhere, so there may be a zechus to be a
non-religious ger katan.)

The irony as many have noted is that those who are most lenient about child
conversion tend to be those who are also lenient in accepting that one
could lead a perfectly good life as a non-Jew.

Those who think that it is better to be Jewish than non-Jewish by extension
should accept the conversion of a ger katan who will be raised by a
non-religious family.

The exception (and here I am venturing into Areivim territory) is Religious
Zionists who would argue for the superiority of the Jewish soul and also
for the need to allow ger katan conversions in non-religious families for
reasons of Nationalism.

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