[Avodah] Sources for Not Covering Hair?

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On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 4:37pm EDT, RnTK wrote:
: [2]  There is no "different shita."  There was no "shitta in  Lita" 
: allowing married women to go out with their hair uncovered...

The AhS, whose theory of pesaq gives a lot of weight to seeing which
ruling was accepted as general practice, famously permits saying Shema
while seeing a married woman with her hair uncovered.

But this is what he says in OC 75:7 <http://j.mp/1h3JvzN>, where that
heter is given:
    And now, we will cry about the breached of our generation in its
    many since, for many years Benos Yisrael violate this sin and go with a
    revealed head. And whateve we yell about this, it doesn't help and
    it doesn't have an effect. And now this mispachas [oe of the nega'im]
    has spread, that married [women] go with their hyair like the besulos do.
    Woe to us that this arose in our generation!

    Still, al kol panim, according to the din is appears permitted to us
    to daven and make berakhos opposite their revealed heads, since now
    that most of them go this way... memeilah there won't be hirhur.

So, RYME is pretty clear: It was common, it was viewed has a sin -- not
"a different shittah", and the rabbinate did complain but no one listened.

And again, that's the AhS, not the textual theoretician "what ought the
ideal halakhah be from a clean slate" approach of the MB.

Tir'u baTov!

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