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>> That is the crux of the issue  -- not whether we wish to pasken that this
is muttar for ourselves (or for  those who listen to us..) -- but how we
view those who follow a different  shitta -- and anyone who suggests that
RYBS viewed his wife as nonobservant  or not fully halachically committed
is motsi la'az and needs to go to her  kever

That issue about the rav's wife not being unique is  important -- it
was a shitta in lita -- even if one the rav may have  disagreed with,
it was not one that was hutz lamachane. That is the crux of  the issue. <<

Meir Shinnar

[1] No one has ever suggested that RYBS viewed his wife as  "nonobservant" 
so nobody has to go to her kever, although anyone who wants to  may do so.  
I assume her children and grandchildren go on her  yahrzeit.  The line 
between observant and nonobservant is pretty clear,  even though all of us 
sometimes sin.  I have yet to hear of anyone saying  that if a woman keeps 
Shabbos, kashrus and taharas hamishpacha, but does  not cover her hair, she is 
"nonobservant."  However if you know of a person  who does say that, please cite 
the source, thank you.  Maybe he is the same  person who says that if you 
talk loshon hara you are nonobservant -- and  therefore there are only about 
500 observant Jews in the whole world, if  that.
[2]  There is no "different shita."  There was no "shitta in  Lita" 
allowing married women to go out with their hair uncovered.  What  there was in 
Lita was the winds of Haskala, Reform and sliding, sliding, sliding  away from 
Torah, more marked among the women even than among the men.   Sarah Schnirer 
noted that there were chassidishe homes in Poland where, after  the Friday 
night Shabbos meal, the teenage girls and even the mother would go  out to 
see a play at the local theater.  If there was slippage in Poland,  where 
chassidus was strong, you can just imagine what was going on in Lita,  where 
there was nothing to capture the hearts and minds of people who were not  
themselves talmidei chachamim -- viz, the unlearned masses, and the women.

--Toby  Katz
t613k at aol.com


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