[Avodah] Sources for Not Covering Hair?

Sholom Simon via Avodah avodah at lists.aishdas.org
Tue Jul 28 10:18:39 PDT 2015


> 2) I knew a talmid who was close to the rav in the 70s ... when
getting married, he told me that he asked the rav all his shailos --
except about head covering for his wife (she did) -- he said that it was
thought problematic to ask him because of the rav's wife

I have a
related story. A talmid who was also close to him. When getting married
he _did_ ask about a head covering for his wife (after apologizing for
asking it). If I remember the story correctly, the Rav smiled and said
that he wasn't the right person to ask. 

-- Sholom 
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