[Avodah] Mesora only through Rashi

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RGS makes the claim that we would not have TSP & our Mesora without Rashi &
the Tosafists.
Our *Torah shebe’al peh* is based on Rashi and the Tosafists. If Jewish
history had not included Maimonides, the Jewish world would have missed a
great deal. Maimonides enriched our thinking and world view tremendously,
but the *Torah shebe’al peh* would have survived without him. However,
without Rashi and the Tosafists, there would not have been any *mesora*,
any chain of tradition; we could not teach *Torah shebe’al peh* today.

I just heard a piece yesterday by Rabbi Weill, from a few years back on
Kinnot and the destruction of Ashkenaz and burning of the gemorahs in
Paris.  It was very devastating for the area.  Jews lived in other areas as
well, thank God.  So the Mesora continued with them.
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