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On Mon, Jul 20, 2015 at 06:03:46PM -0400, Joel Schnur via Avodah wrote:
: I remember davening once at the Boro Park nusach HaGra k'vosikin
: minyan way back and was struck by the number of KYs that were said.
: The gabbai's answer was that it was too difficult to stop the
: "kadish zogers" from having their way...

REMT said something that makes me wonder... He suggested that our
(non-Yekke) current practice of every avel saying qaddish is to make it
condusive for aveilim to feel they're discharging their duty. Many men
first started attending minyan regularly during aveileus and kept on doing
so for the rest of their lives. Do you really want to discourage that with
"Ah, why bother, I probably wouldn't get a turn this time anyway!"?

A similar argument would change the priorities the Gra assumes about
making extraneous opportunities for Qaddish.

The AhS OC 55:4 gives this explanation for the creation of a 2nd
opportunity for Qaddish Yasom at the end of Shacharis.

He also writes that the Qadmonim only said 7 qaddeisim a day:
    Shacharis, after each of Yishtabach, Tachanun and UVa leTzion
    Minchah, after Ashrei and Tachanuun, and
    Arvis -- before and after Shemoneh Esrei.

He quotes the Roqeiach invoking the pasuq "sheva bayom haleltikha" to
explain that 7 was an intentional, significant, number.

The AhS continues that three more were added when Aleinu was appended
to the end of each tefillah. For the sake of yesomim who didn't get
the amud. And significance was found for that, by reading Tzadi"q as an
acronym, and each letter a gematria. Each day a tzadiq would say
     90 times amein,     (tzadi)
      4 qedushos,        (dalet)
     10 qadeihim, and    (yud)
    100 berakhos         (quf).
(Citing the NMA.)

Then he discusses leining adding one. "Veyoseir ein maqom laqadeishim",
and still we added after Shir shel Yom because there were more yesomim,
but more than that -- the AhS does not permit.


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