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Re: Micha's questioning kadish yasom(KY) after kidush levana, the Vilna 
Gaon has a shortened version(doesn't he always?) that starts with the 
bracha and ends with siman tov. There is no Aleinu, hence no KY. He also 
holds that "sh'ain l'harbos b'k'dashim shelo l'tzorech, hence,there is 
only once KY per tefila. After the Yom by shachris and after Aleinu by 
mincha & maariv. Minhag Ashkenaz is not to say kadish d'rabonan 
during/after tefila but only after limud agada. The chasidim adopted the 
custom of saying it from the Seforadim and that's how it entered their 

I remember davening once at the Boro Park nusach HaGra k'vosikin minyan 
way back and was struck by the number of KYs that were said. The 
gabbai's answer was that it was too difficult to stop the "kadish 
zogers" from having their way. B"H, at our Flatbush Nusach HaGra 
k'vosikin minyan (Young Israel of Ave K, East 29th and K) under Rav 
Aryeh Ralbag guidance, we are have not had to compromise the Nusach 
HaGra way of davening. Shachris is 45 minutes before HaNetz every shabos 
and YT.
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