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In Avodah V33n96, RAM referred repeatedly to "Kaddish Yasom" -- I think at
least some of his questions might be answered once we understand that
(a) what he called "Kaddish Yasom" is actually the Qaddish (Shaleim, but
without the "tisqaba[i]l" phrase) said by the SHaTZ at the end of davening,
at some point in our history given over to children (eventually/or to
*y'somim*) who could not be SHaTZ (see
and that
(b) Qaddish is said after the learning/reading of chapters of T'hilim or
other K'suvim.

As for Kiddush L'vana (KL), indeed Minhag Ashk'naz did not include "Aleinu"
-- as was noted, the learning/reading of chapters of T'hilim at the end of
KL (similar to doing so after Shacharis and after [Mincha/]Ma'ariv, and
similar to when a *seifer* from K'suvim was read) was followed by Qaddish
(in the Roedelheim, those chapters are 121, 150, and 67, not just 67) --
and KL not being a *t'filas tzibbur* does not impact upon the saying of
Qaddish (although obviously, a *minyan* is required for any *davar
shebiq'dusha*).  HTH :).

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