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On Tue, Jul 07, 2015 at 01:14:59AM +0000, Kenneth Miller via Avodah wrote:
: Well, I guess my original post should have had a longer introduction. I
: know that Kaddish Tiskabel has a very clear rule, namely that it
: follows every Amidah, and the only exception is that it also follows
: Selichos. Kaddish D'rabanan always follows group learning (though I've
: never figured out exactly what learning counts and what doesn't).

Qaddish Tisqabel is said after zelosehon (the Amidah) uVa'us-hon (tachanun
or selichos. That the request that they be accepted.

: And now I'm trying to figure out the rule for Kaddish Yasom. It SEEMS
: to be a sort of "congregational prayer", where "prayer" is something
: *other* than the Amidah, but I can't define it any more precisely than
: that. For a long time I thought it was connected to Tehillim, but when
: I noticed it after the megilos on Yom Tov, someone suggested that it's
: not specifically Sefer Tehillim, but *any* part of Kesuvim, not that we
: had any idea why Kesuvim would get this distinction over Neviim or Torah.

Accordng to R' de Sola Pool's monograph "Kaddish", Qaddish originated
as being post-derashah -- the role Qaddish deRabbanan still serves.

So perhaps non-concidentally, the format for sermons through the geonic
era was to start with a pasuq from one of the sidrei EMa"S (Iyov, Mishlei,
Tefillim) and wrap up by applying the resulting an idea to a pasuq from
he sedra.

: I have to admit that a big part of my asking this question is a pet
: peeve that I've been nursing, regarding Kiddush Levana in particular. It
: seems to me that Kiddush Levana -- the way it is done in just about
: every situation I've ever seen -- cannot be called a Tefilas Tzibur in
: any sense. It is a group of yechidim who happen to be saying the same
: thing, but in a totally disorganized fashion...

Perhaps that's it exactly. Like "Shalom Aleikhem", we make a cpoint of
socially unifying those yechidim as part of qiddush levanah. Perhaps
not in the sense of tefillah betzibbur or tefillas hatzibur, but then,
neither is a shiur.


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