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REMT said something that makes me wonder...  He suggested that our
(non-Yekke) current practice of every avel saying  qaddish is to make it
condusive for aveilim to feel they're discharging their  duty. 
Micha  Berger              

You are mainly talking about adults saying kaddish, but I remember one  
tragic year when there were seven yesomim under bar mitzva age saying kaddish,  
from three different families.  Two families had lost their mothers, one  
family their father.  Who was going to tell these children, who came to  shul 
faithfully every day, sometimes getting to school late  or skipping outings 
with their friends, "You can't say kaddish for your Ima  or your Abba 
today, someone else has kadima"?  Correct me if I am mistaken  but my impression 
is that kaddish yasom is really mainly for genuine yesomim,  i.e., those who 
lose their parents while they are still children.

--Toby  Katz
t613k at aol.com


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