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>Orot, Orot Hatechiya, 34:
>Exercise, (which young Israel is getting involved in, in Eretz Yisrael,
>to strengthen their bodies in order to be vigorous for the nation),
>improves the spiritual strength of the greatest tzaddikim, those who
>involve themselves  in "the unification of God's names" (my translation
>of a phrase which I admit I don't get), and increases the transmission
>of God's light in the world, because there is no revelation at all of
>light without all components being present.
>Turns out that (according to Rav Kook) not only does Talmud Torah
>increase the merits to the army/state/people, but just having people
>trying to be healthy, active, in shape, improves Talmud Torah, as long
>as both sides are doing this for the nation.

Torah Learning and the Chofetz 
Chaim"   http://personal.stevens.edu/~llevine/exercise_torah_cc_v2.pdf

Reb Yaakov Kamenetsky was an avid swimmer all of his life.  I recall 
when he came to Monroe to spend a Shabbos with his son Avraham.  He 
was in his 80s I believe.  Well,  he put on his bathing suit,  a robe 
and went to the pool.  He then proceeded to jump into the pool and swim laps.

This spread like wildfire in the 3 colonies in Monroe.  People could 
not stop talking about it.  It eventually got back to Reb Yaakov who 
quipped,  "I wish they are as excited about my learning as they are 
about my swimming!"

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