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Many mistakenly think that we now have an accepted Halachic tradition,
recorded in the Shulchan Aruch [460:5] to no longer bake Tefach thick Matza
[10 - 12 cm] as in Talmudic times. This is untrue. The ShAruch records that
Tefach thick Matza must not be <made during> Pesach. There is no problem
whatsoever to produce such Matza <before> Pesach and eat them during

The reason for this is quite simple; if one makes Chamets during Pesach, no
matter that it was unintentional, one has transgressed the very serious
violation of having Chamets - Bal YeRaEh and Bal YeMaTzeh. When making
Tefach thick Matza the risk of inadvertently making Chamets because some
dough in the Matza will remain unbaked, is [became] intolerable. However,
baking the same thickness Matza before Pesach poses no concern. If it is
Chamets, as can be discerned by tearing the Matza and checking for doughy
stringy threads, then either eat it before Pesach or get rid of it.
Whatever is fully baked however, is fine for Pesach.

Compare the Mechabers expression, Seif 4 and 5, not to make images on the
Matza; and not to make thick Matza - it is not done - אין עושין; to his
expression Seif 6, not to make dough filled with meat and veg - one ought
not be lenient - אין להקל.  One ought not be lenient - אין להקל sounds more
strict, as is supported by the MBerurah [18] suggesting that it is
prohibited even after the fact,  - whereas  it is not done - אין עושין
 implies it should not be done but after the fact, if it not Chamets it is
Kosher and may be eaten during Pesach.
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