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In the case where an ill person is eating on Yom Kippur, the Magen Avraham
618:10 brings varying views on whether he needs Lechem Mishne, whether he
includes Yaaleh V'yavo in bentching, and whether he must make Kiddush. Kaf
Hachaim 618:60 repeats much of that, with some changes and additions, and
in 618:61 he points out that the same would apply to children and women who
have recently given birth. Similar things appear in the other nosei keilim
on that se'if.

I got the impression that the pros and cons on these questions were based
mostly on practical and halachic concerns, such as whether or not these
halachos were ever enacted for Yom Kippur. I'd like to know if the
*historical* side is discussed anywhere.

I'm focusing now specifically on Lechem Mishne, and I'm now ignoring
Kiddush and Birkas Hamazon. Here are my questions of historical fact:
During the years in the midbar, did the mon fall on Yom Kippur? Did a
double portion of mon fall on Erev Yom Kippur? If not, then what did the
children eat?

There are several possible answers I can think of:

Perhaps mon fell on Yom Kippur, but only at the homes where where children
or yoldos live.

Perhaps mon did not fall on Yom Kippur, but those homes got a double
portion on Erev Yom Kippur.

Perhaps neither of the above happened, and the children and yoldos had to
make do with whatever other food might have been available. (This
possibility seems odd to me, as it throws a curve ball into the whole "40
years of miracles" idea: Exactly once each year, the children had no choice
but to eat non-miraculous food, and the day for this chinuch was Yom

I suppose I should also include another possibility, which is that everyone
received their normal supply of mon on Yom Kippur just like on every other
day, but that seems like quite a waste. Perhaps they ate it on Motzaei Yom
Kippur. In which case I'd wonder if only a half-portion might have fallen
that morning. I also question whether Hashem would have placed such a
michshol at the doorways, leaving their mon in the reshus harabim.

Does anyone know of any Midrashim or other sources that might talk about

Akiva Miller

(PS: I only asked about children and yoldos in the midbar, and I did not
ask about other cholim. That's because I think that in the miraculous
Midbar, no one was ever sick, and no one died except on the night of Tisha
B'Av. If anyone wants to discuss this, please begin a new thread.)
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