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> BTW, my grandfather a"h was named Pinechas after this week's sedra,
> his bar mitzvah parashah. When it was time to name my oldest, I checked
> with my uncle how his name appeared on their kesuvah, as their mesader
> qiddushin was a key rav in my grandfather's life. (R/Dr Mirsky zt"l met
> two teenage boys coming off the boat and took them under his wing. My
> grandfather and great-uncle then earned enough to bribe the rest of the
> family's way out of Litta before the Nazis came to power.)
> Anyway, it seems R/Dr Mirsky held my grandfather's name was Pinechas,
> pei-yud-nun-ches-samekh, as it is spelled in the chumash (ignoring the
> size of the yud as usually written in the beginning of the parashah).
> And thus the sheva is na, Pinechas - not Pinchas.
> If you want to make a derashah out of a Mitzri name, it's Pi Nachas,
> not Pen Chas.
> Reason for this tangent... I would have expected "Gushies" to get the
> sheva in the parashah name right. After all, they have the patach under
> the reish in Parashat.
> Way behind in reading. However, Aharon Ben Asher, in Dikduke Hate'amim,
specifically lists the sheva in Pinchas (with a yud) as being a sheva nach,
so the "Gushies" have on whom to rely..

Meir Shinnar
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