[Avodah] Kiddush L'vana (was "Kaddish Yasom")

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In Avodah v33n97, I wrote:
> As for Kiddush L'vana (KL), indeed Minhag Ashk'naz did not include
"Aleinu" -- as was noted, the learning/reading of chapters of T'hilim at
the end of KL...was followed by Qaddish...-- and KL not being a *t'filas
tzibbur* does not impact upon the saying of Qaddish.... <
Just wanted to add that
(a) For the record, I don't recall Qaddish being said at the end of KL at
KAJ/"Breuer's" (and the MMA Siddur Tefilas Yeshurun instructs not to say
either "Aleinu" or Qaddish at the end of Bircas haL'vana), even when there
was evidently more than a quorum of men (gathered to be *m'qabeil p'nei
haShchina b'rov-am*) on the front steps or sidewalk of the Shul -- whether
or not Qaddish should be said (and what the precise parameters are) in that
circumstance (not a *t'filas tzibbur*; not in a *maqom t'fila*) was not
central to the overall points I was trying to make; and
(b) for consistency, it's QL, not KL :).

All the best from
*Michael Poppers* * Elizabeth, NJ, USA
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