[Avodah] Regular Ice Cream is KLP

Kenneth Miller kennethgmiller at juno.com
Thu Mar 28 09:04:21 PDT 2013

R' Meir Rabi wrote:

> so continuing our thinking, regular ice cream made by a G, even
> if it contains small amounts (actually even large amounts as
> long as it's less than 50%) of Kitniyos, and they Kitniyos is
> not visible notwithstanding that it certainly TASTES of Kitniyos,
> is actually KLP. If the company requests that a Hechsher be
> granted, that's ok, as we explained from Reb Moshe.

(For the record, RMR is referring to the Igros Moshe, Yorah Deah 2:41, as he cited in Avodah 31:49, in a thread titled "Reb Moshe, The Case of Hidden Kitniyos in your KLP Cocolate".)

I skimmed over that teshuva, and I must admit that RMR is accurately representing how Rav Moshe would hold. In fact, he might even go further: As long as someone has a way of determining that the kitniyos is less than 50%, AND that the chometz and tarfus are under 1/60 and don't contribute to the taste AND that it is purchased before Pesach, then I'm not sure what the problem would be at all -- even if it has no hechsher whatsoever. (On the other hand, as great as Rav Moshe was, I don't know how other poskim have ruled in similar situations.)

I have long since stopped laughing at previous generations who thought that "everything was kosher". Maybe they were right.

But that doesn't mean that I will eat it myself. Only that I'm not sure why I'm refraining from it.

I learned about kashrus from various publications, mostly printed by the big hechsherim, which contained dire warnings of what might happen to my soul if I used vegetable oil which was shipped in a tanker which had been previously used for lard. Personally, I've been taking them at their word, mostly because I have no idea how much lard is still in the tanker when they claim it to have been emptied. But concepts like "stam keilim ainam bnei yoman" make me suspect that we are worrying about things that Chazal were *not* worried about.

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