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One of the differences between a free man and a slave is time.
A free time can decide what to do with his time while time means nothing to
a slave.
If a master tells his slave to do meaningless work for the day it makes no
difference to slave
whether his time is useful or not

The gemara states that someone who lives outside of EY is like someone who
has no G-d.
I heard an explanation that a difference between EY and outside relates to
A Jew in western society has his calendar governed by Xtian holidays. He
gets off for
Xmas and New Years. In Europe there are many more holidays related to
various saints.

One is not supposed to work on erev Pesach after noon. Nevertheless I know
of Jews who work
yntil late in the afternoon. After all they are already taking off 2 days
Yomtov and then a week later another 2 days and possibly (part of) chol
hamoed. There are limits as to how much one can take off. I know of many
who eat their seudah on Purim in their office, they cant afford another day

OTOH in Israel the calendar is governed by the Jewish days. Even if a
chiloni goes to the park on Rosh Hashana he knows that it is a Jewish
holiday. Erev Pesach is ghenerally a day off.
Even chol hamoed is a half day work while schools (and universities) are
Hence anyone living in Israel knows about G-d because his time is governed
by Jewish values. Someome who lives outside of Israel is like not having a
G-d because his time is governed by outside values

Chag Kasher Vesameach

Eli Turkel
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