[Avodah] Regular Ice Cream is KLP

Meir Rabi meirabi at gmail.com
Sat Mar 23 18:35:44 PDT 2013

so continuing our thinking, regular ice cream made by a G, even if it
contains small amounts (actually even large amounts as long as it's less
than 50%) of Kitniyos, and they Kitniyos is not visible notwithstanding
that it certainly TASTES of Kitniyos, is actually KLP.
If the company requests that a Hechsher be granted, that's ok, as we
explained from Reb Moshe.

However, a Yiddish brand may not use that recipe, according to those who
propose that BEFORE Pesach, Kitniyos are Assur since this constitutes Ein
Mevatlin Issur LeChatChila.
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