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:                                                                      Why
: is the word "beis" [HOUSE of ] missing at the end of the Torah but not
: the end of Shmos?  
: I don't know if that question was ever raised but my pure guess is that 
: the HOUSE (beis) is missing at the end because it refers to the
: Beis Hamikdash which tragically will be destroyed in the future. 

Maybe it's that the version in Shemos has an "extra" bayis because it
closes the 13% of the Torah that discusses building the Mishqan.

The cloud was over the Mishqan, "le'einei kol beis Yisrael", to reiterate
the opening of this segment of Shemos, "ve'asu Li miqdash, veshakhanti
besokham" -- not in the house, in them. So now it parallels the Mishqan
to *Beis* Yisrael.

Also a "pure guess".


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