[Avodah] Does "kitniyos" include all grain-like products?

Micha Berger micha at aishdas.org
Thu Mar 7 11:54:32 PST 2013

On a thread about quinoa, and whether the minhag of qitnios would
automatically include it, Zev posted to Areivim (2:14pm EST):
> What is a more traditional view?  My *guess*, and it is only that, is
> that you mean the view that only specific species were included in the
> takanah, and this list should be seen as fixed; that seems to be RMF's
> view, but in what way is it traditional?  Who else held it?  Is it not
> his chidush?

IM IC 3:63 opens with "hinei bedavar ha-peanut, shekasavti shebeharbeih
meqomos akhlu osam bePesach..." He also cites R' Yeshchiel ushe'ar
gedolim, "chakhmei doros ha'achronim", etc... RMF is reporting what was
his norm, clearly not a chiddush.

I got the impression from RMF's teshuvah that back in pre-war Eastern
Europe, some areas followed a minhag that was being limited to the initial
list of species, and some followed a minhag of avoiding a general concept.

Miqroei Qodesh reports that R' Chaim Brisker permitted.

Tir'u baTov!

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