[Avodah] Hasagat Gevul of a bus company

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Wed Jan 9 11:33:17 PST 2013

In that case the post office didn't provide any service at all, and there was no obligation to use their service. 

Though I don't agree with it, I can see the following rationale:
Once the stamp was put on, the intention was to have the Post Office
benefit by it. Therefore, the Chofetz Chayim felt a moral obligation.
It certainly takes a m'dakdek person to do that but I feel it is most
remarkable and noteworthy. 

If I walk home, do I have to send the bus company a fare? 

No, but if you board the bus and then decide to walk and turn around 
prior to putting the fare in the box and leave the bus, that would probably
be similar the stamp circumstance. 
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