[Avodah] Hasagat Gevul of a bus company

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In Avodah V31n11, RZS responded to RDMI:
>> But, in any case, I don't see what this case has to do with the case of the CC. In that case the post office didn't provide any service at all, and there was no obligation to use their service. If I walk home, do I have to send the bus company a fare? If my wife bakes her own challah, should I pay the baker? I don't even see how this is warranted even lifinim mishuris hadin. <<
> The Post Office has a legal monopoly on the delivery of letters.
Thus technically when you deliver a letter for someone you're infringing
that monopoly. I assume the CC was concerned about this, because of DdMD, but at the same time would rather entrust his mail to someone he knew, so he reconciled it by tearing up a stamp, so the Post Office wouldn't
be harmed by the infringement, and therefore it would no longer be their
business what he did. <
The USPS has a monopoly which (with certain exceptions) excludes _private organizations_ -- that monopoly does not exclude individuals.  Details available via http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_Express_Statutes . 

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