[Avodah] In revolutionary ruling, rabbis allow gender selection

Akiva Miller kennethgmiller at juno.com
Wed Jan 2 15:44:48 PST 2013

R"n Toby Katz wrote:

> I really have a hard time believing that anyone has a "deep
> psychological need" to have a son rather than a daughter, or
> vice versa.

Here are some relevant quotes from the Shulchan Aruch and Mishne Brurah:

Mechaber 223:1 - if one's wife gave birth to a male he says the bracha HaTov v'HaMeitiv...

Mishneh Brurah 223:2 - Male: The conclusion of the poskim seems to be that even if he had "kamah" (some? several? many?) sons, and he desired that a daughter should be born to him so that he would fulfill the mitzvah of Piryah V'Rivyah, even so, if a daughter is born a bracha is not said on this. Nevertheless it seems "pashut" (clear? obvious?) to me that on the first time that he sees her, he does say the bracha Shehecheyanu, for this is no less than one who sees his friend after 30 days and is happy to see him, who says Shehecheyanu, as below in 225:1.

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